Monday, November 16, 2009

LEGENDS OF ACAPPELLA, Original 60's Recordings from the 45s

OK, this compilation is a Sometime Somewhere exclusive. It's a 16 track album taken from our vinyl collection. 16 tracks originally released on the mid 60's on labels like Catamount, Relic, Old Timer and so... and to our knowledge never released on LP or CD format.

The mid 60's lived a boom on acappella, each east coast city seemed to have a group on every street corner. Anyway it was some kind of underground thing... so record were pressed on limited quantities and the used vinyl was not of the greatest quality... so althoug all the 45's used for this compilation were on Mint shape, don't expect crystal clear audio quality!. I could have used some filters to reduce noise and so... but I prefered not to do so... yes I could take some noise, but also some of the voices... so sit and listen to these tracks the way they were originally released.

If you like this... leave a comment and more volumes will follow.


We Dig Acappella!

Juan Ibáñez


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Gracias por este gran recopilatorio, Juan!

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Superb album, Thank you.