Friday, January 2, 2009

El Ritual Nocturno -5 Diciembre 2008-

El 5 de diciembre del pasado 2008, Juan Ibáñez volvió a la carga con un nuevo programa de radio dentro del Ritual Nocturno, cargadito de buenos temas de doowopp y rhythm and blues vocal. Aquí tenéis la lista de temas que sonaron y en el link de debajo os lo podéis descargar.

-The Belmonts - More important things to do. SABINA
-The Belmonts - Why. SABINA
-Dion & the Belmonts - Tag along (Alt. take). MOHAWK
-Dion & the Belmonts - (I can't go on) Rosalie. LAURIE
-The Belmonts - Such a long way. LAURIE
-The Belmonts - Diddle dee dum. SABINA
-The Belmonts - Wintertime. UNITED ARTISTS
-Pete Barin - Broken heart. SABINA
-The Belmonts - Ann Marie. SABINA
-The Belmonts - I don't know why I just do. UNITED ARTISTS
-The Demensions - Count your blessings instead of sheep. CORAL
-The Quotations - Ala men sy. VERVE
-The Temptations - Fickle little girl. GOLDISC
-The Regents - Lonesome boy. GEE
-Ferris & the Wheels - He was a fortune teller. UNITED ARTISTS
-El Reys - Diamonds and pearls. IDEAL
-The Delmonicos - There they go. AKU
-Vito & the Salutations - Don't count on me. WELLS
-The Dynamics - Seems like only yesterday. DECCA