Monday, November 16, 2009


You know that over here we love acappella style. That's why are very happy about a couple of new releases that we just got from the USA.
First is the long awaited cd by The Bon-Aires, (yes the guys that did "The Shrine of St. Cecilia" on the Rust label on the 60's). This is a cd that contains 20 tracks mostly recorded as demos and rehearsal tapes on the 60s. This album perfectly shows how good they were, the intricate harmonies they were able to practice and what a good repertoire they had.
Tracklist is:

1. I love you
2. Thats what girls are made for
3. I'm in the mood for love
4. Tenderly
5. Hey guy
6. Priceless
7. Lights are low
8. Autumn leaves
9. Lucky old sun
10. No more
11. Begin the beguine
12. Heart's desire
13. Baby please come back
14. Can I walk you home
15. Ten commandments of love
16. Blue velvet
17. What a difference a day makes
18. Can it be wrong
19. Love is a river
20. Hurt

Other great new album is VIC DONNA's "LEGENDARY LEAD SINGER". This one came as a surprise... It's also a 20 Track cd. Includes 13 new ACAPPELLA tunes (songs composed by Donna but never recorded or songs that he used to sang back then) + 7 rare original recordings by Vic Donna with his groups the Parakeets, Fi Tones... all in all great stuff.
Track list:

1.Bad girl
2. Walking my baby back home
3. Ride A long
4. I don't know why
5. Say that you love me
6. Big night for love
7. Little angel
8. Don't make it too late
9. Dear god
10. You
11. Starlight starbright
12. Rosemarie
13. Baby pretty baby
14. To know you care
15. My life is in your hands 1
16. My life is in your hands 2
17. Silly & Sappy
18. Teenage rose
19. Count the tears
20. Love was a stranger to me.

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